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02 Dec 2020

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India is under-reporting the coronavirus outbreak?
India is under reporting the coronavirus outbreak?

India is under-reporting the coronavirus outbreak? 

India has been in lockdown for a few weeks which is now set to go on until the third of May. In many parts of the country it’s being strictly enforced and is believed to have reduced the burden on hospitals to some extent but experts say without ramping up testing no nation can hope to beat the virus.
In the alleys of Mumbai slums health workers are trying to go to each one-room house, screening people for symptoms. This city has the highest number of covid19 cases and deaths in India but those on the front lines say the reality is far grimmer than what statistics show.
A doctor from Mumbai state-run hospital stated “That hospitals are under testing and under-reporting the cases and the patients in critical conditions are not even tested, even though they had high chances of covid19. One of the reasons for it is the global shortage of testing kits so we have to be wise while using the testing kits.
India can stay on lockdown for a long period but staying on lockdown for India has massive cost especially for the poor. Each day is hard for those left without jobs money food or shelter. Aid is reaching some of them but there are questions about how long it can be sustained.

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