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30 Nov 2020

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In Pakistan, a 28% reduction is observed in coronavirus infection due to smart lockdown
28% reduction in covid -19

In Pakistan, a 28% reduction is observed in coronavirus infection due to smart lockdown 

Pakistan observed a 28% reduction in COVID -19 infections due to a smart lockdown. And the implementation of social distancing and standard operating operation (SOPs), the National Command and Control Centre.
However, NCOC, the government’s decision to impose “smart lockdown” in areas reporting a rise in cases has produced the desired result as the number of cases has seen a firm decline. Pakistan’s rising death toll has also resulted in overtaking China. Wuhan the epicenter of the coronavirus has the most number of deaths. So far Pakistan has also become the 18th worst-hit country by the coronavirus in terms of deaths.

The National command and control center said the countries around the globe captured with strategies to destroy the coronavirus. But Pakistan’s strategy won an unexpected endorsement from the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
However, UN Guterres said that there was no choice between health or jobs in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. They are interconnected. either we win on all fronts or fail on all fronts.
Pakistan observed a 28% reduction in COVID -19 infection due to smart lockdown in different areas of Pakistan. Imran Khan told the WHO top official that Pakistan has increase healthcare facilities in wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Director general of (WHO )Tedros Adhanom also praised the Pakistani government’s response and measures to the virus.
The latest Pakistan coronavirus update recorded more than 248,856 active coronavirus cases with 5,197 fatalities.

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