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30 Nov 2020

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“Imran Khan is Born to Fight” Said Javed Miandad
Imran Khan
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“Imran Khan is Born to Fight” Said Javed Miandad 

Javed Miandad was one of the leading Players of the Pakistani cricket team in the 19’s. He recently talked about Prime Minister Imran khan. In his talk, he stated “Imran is a man of his words and he never disappointed his teammates. He always does what he is determined about no matter how much effort he has to put in it.
This time again, Imran Khan is going to fulfill his targets the way he did in cricket as the best captain ever. Just like he fought against cancer and made the first cancer hospital in Pakistan.
Today he is our prime minister and he is going to execute all the plans which he has made for the sake of our country and nation. He never disappointed us and he is never going to let our country down.
I have known Imran for a very long time. From our time together in cricket up till now, I have never seen him failed in something he was determined to accomplish.
Pakistani nation has to trust him because he won’t fail this time either. Imran Khan is a man who is born to fight.
Imran Khan is extremely kind and humble. He always prefer other’s welfare than his own.
Quoting an example of world cup when our defeat was certain but till end
Imran Khan was the one who was certain for our victory and after that he was able to set exemplary achievements in the shape of Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Namal University.

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