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04 Dec 2020

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A viral clip of Husband and Wife beating mother
Viral Clip of Husband and Wife beating mother left the nation shocked

A viral clip of Husband and Wife beating mother 

A video of a man severely while his wife standing by him went viral on social media on July 21. The video was uploaded on by the sister when she found herself helpless. Arsalan was beating his mother for some property-related issues.

Sister, Zoobia Meer uploaded the video on her youtube channel seeking help and justice. According to Zoobia Meer, her brother took all the cash and jewelry that belonged to her. The argument started with mere talk and ended with Arsalan beating and hitting her mother, Gulnaz Bibi.

The CCPO of Rawalpindi Mr. Ahsan Younis took notice of the situation and registered an FIR against Arsalan. After this Arsalan was arrested. His wife uploaded a video on social media proclaiming that his mother, Gulnaz Bibi started beating her, as she was six months pregnant so Arsalan lost control over himself and started beating his mother for defending his wife. But this didn’t affect the case and Arsalan was arrested by Rawalpindi police. Gulnaz Bibi, a resident of Dhokla AliPur said that her son and daughter-in-law fought with her every day, and on Tuesday he crossed all the limits and started torturing her. Gulnaz Bibi’s husband was not at home at that time.

On Wednesday another video was uploaded by Zoobia Meer seeking justice for her mother. In the video, she said that her brother was released from prison only after an hour the FIR was registered. She also added that police are not taking any action. Even after they have submitted Gulnaz Bibi’s medical report clearly stating the presence of physically abuse marks on her body there is no help from the police.

Zoobia accepted that she and her mother also hit Arsalan but that was for self-defense only.

After all this #ZoobiaMeer is trending on twitter. Celebrities and people are supporting Zoobia Meer.

Celebs are demanding justice for Gulzar Bibi, beaten by her own son.

Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote: “Ya Allah. I don’t have words. At all can’t post that video. deleted it. Oh my God, deepest corner of hell awaits this demon who raised his hands on his old mother. Deepest most rotten corner of hell,”

Ushnah Shah became emotional wrote: “In tears after watching this. This makes me want to fly to London and hug my mom,” the Bewafa actress noted.“How can anyone do this? This needs to be made viral, he needs to be put to shame. Disgusting. I’m so sorry to aunty, sorry Allah gave you such a filthy monster for a son,” 

Many other celebrities like Saba Qamar, Ameena Khan and Hassan Shehryar also stood up for Zoobia and her mother.

Arsalan video saying sorry and asking forgiveness from his mother was uploaded from the police station

Wife, Bisma said that Arsalan is Gulnaz Bibi’s stepson and both mother and daughter are telling a lie. But no matter what explanation they gave beating up mother and young sister is not acceptable under any circumstance. Our society will never accept such an act of cruelty.

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