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02 Dec 2020

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How To Properly Identify Coronavirus Symptoms
Coronavirus Symptoms

How To Properly Identify Coronavirus Symptoms 

The two main symptoms of coronavirus to look out for are a continuous dry cough and or a fever. Now some people say they’ve lost their senses of smell and taste because of Covid19. But the research on this is still at an early stage. Other viruses can make this happen – like the common cold so it doesn’t necessarily mean you have this new coronavirus.

So how high fever and continuous dry coughing are the most widely known symptoms for coronavirus but what exactly is a continuous dry cough is? Well, it’s when you cough and there’s no mucus or phlegm basically no gooey substance in your tissue. This means coughing a lot, for more than an hour for having three or more coughing episodes in a single day. This dry cough can also then lead to breathing problems.

And then the 2nd symptom is a high fever but how high a fever is a coronavirus fever? If your body has a temperature of more than 37.8 degrees Celsius or a 100 Fahrenheit. If you’ve not got a thermometer basically you will feel hot. Your chest and back would be hot if someone touched you if you. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have coronavirus but if you have this kind of fever and continuous dry coughing then you should first go to self-quarantine and make sure to stay socially distant from your family members. The people you live with shouldn’t leave the house for two weeks.

If your symptoms start to get worse or you still have them after seven days then you contact your health care provider and follow directions given by your local health care provider

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