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02 Dec 2020

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How South Korea Controlled COVID-19
South Korea

How South Korea Controlled COVID-19 

There’s no doubt that covid19 has posed many challenges to every nation. but some countries starting to exert some form of control over. South
Korea which has reported no locally transmitted infections, for the first
time in more than two months let’s start with South Korea’s fight against coronavirus has just reached a moment of great symbolism.
The word zero cases mean a lot. South Korea is one of the few countries that were ready for this pandemic.

They had a test prepared within a few days of the first confirmed case the testing the tracing and also the fact that they’ve managed to kind of make sure that anybody who’s been infected has been isolated has ensured that they’ve got it under control which has meant they can give one-to-one patient care and that they believe means that fewer people have died and that phrase trace and the track is crucial some like south Korea stuck with doing it. Some like the UK began and then stopped it.

In the short term that appears to have been important given the UK’s death a toll is far higher than South Korea’s. Boris Johnson today argued his the government took the right decisions for the right time it’s also worth remembering that South Korea hasn’t shut down in the way that many countries in Europe have done.

It was part of a social distancing campaign, yes several places were closed but restaurant cafes have remained open. Businesses have been able to trade, it’s kept the economy moving even if it’s been more sluggish than before now it fascinating that governments around the world are now considering the test track treat approach adopted here in South Korea.

Author: Ammar Rasheed

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