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30 Nov 2020

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How does COVID-19 affect the life behind the prison
How does coronavirus affect the life behind the prison

How does COVID-19 affect the life behind the prison 

Conditions in many prisons in the Americas region are deeply worrying.
Pre-existing structural problems such as chronic overcrowding and hygienic conditions coupled with a lack of proper access to health care have enabled the rapid spread of covered 19 in many facilities across the

United Nations says prisons across Latin America are a breeding
ground for the coronavirus. We have heard similar warnings here a Europe
Germany has prevented outbreaks in its prisons by releasing prisoners.

Governments in Germany are not being implemented, that staff is still
coming in sometimes not wearing face masks not keeping their distance from prisoners getting very close to them. That prisoners themselves are not keeping socially distanced.

That they’re still eating lunch in groups. Prisoner said they’re very concerned. A prisoner 44 years old Christian F he is part of a high-risk group.

He has diabetes he also has heart problems and high blood pressure and he doesn’t feel that the prison is protecting him and he fears for his life. He said many prisoners feel anxious.

Author: Ammar Rasheed

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