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04 Dec 2020

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How Blind Serine Jahangir wons heart at Britain’s got talent
Serine Jahangir

How Blind Serine Jahangir wons heart at Britain’s got talent 

Blind serine Jahangir wons heart at Britain’s got talent After giving a powerful performance with her soulful voice.
Sirine Jahangir a 14 – year-old British Pakistani singer moved millions of people to tears and won four yeses from the judges as she shows her uniquely soulful voice at a show on Britain’s got talent. She also shared with the audience and judges how she completely lost sight in both eyes but never gave up on life and her immense passion for music.
On the show When she arrived on the stage she told the judges, It’s pretty obvious that I can not see. There was a time when I could but now I cannot. Music is my vision. It’s my thing. I cant not live without it.
Sirine started playing piano her brother and mother were visibly emotional.

When the song comes to an end most of the audience including the two judges were moved to tears. They all were so emotional and touched by her soulful performance.
She told judges that she had performed at the school level only and after that Britan’s got talent was a huge stage for her and it is something new for her.
Judges comments: When it came time for the judges’ comments. David Williams said, Well done Sirine. What you couldn’t see was the whole of the Palladium on their feet applauding you because they loved that.
Alesha Dixon said congratulation What a sweet girl you are, my heart is just melting.
Amanda Holden had tears in her eyes she said your performance is so touching so beautiful it was just brilliant.

Serine Jahangir background:

She is the granddaughter of Sahibzada Jahangir, one of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s oldest friends and his representative on Trade & Investment in the UK & Europe.
After the show, Sahibzada Jahangir spoke to The News and shared his joy and excitement at Serine’s performance. He said Our joy cannot be put in words. She has shown to millions of people what a commendable talent she has. She is a confident, super talented girl.
Sahibzada Jahangir said we have received messages of support from thousands of Pakistanis who have taken pride in her winning.

Serine‘s positive message :

She wants to spread positivity in the world through the power of music. She said If I do well on Britain’s Got Talent, it does not really mean to live the life of a celebrity. But I am doing it because I hope to have a bigger platform to spread a positive message about blindness.
She also said, she honestly loves playing the piano and singing. Serine said music is her ultimate vision.

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