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25 Nov 2020

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Honor to announces new gadgets on May 18
Honor to announces new gadgets on May 18
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Honor to announces new gadgets on May 18 

Honor to announces new gadgets on May 18, it includes new laptops, tv, and other more lifestyle products on May 18 of this month.

From Earlier, Honor is producing a number of lifestyle products. Honor is a leading smartphone brand under Huawei. It looks like the Chinese OEM is following Xiaomi’s pace .we have already seen different fitness bands, a smartwatch, TWS earphones, and a laptop on the scene.
Now Honor to announces new products launching, various additions to its portfolio on May 18. It takes a start with a smart TV called Honor Vision Pro.
Besides the new Vision Pro, we will also looker – on the global arrival of the Honor MagicBook Pro, a laptop/notebook which will be more strong than the earlier MagicBook 14 and MagicBook 15.6 which was launched earlier this year.
Honor to announces new gadgets on May 18, These new lifestyle products are a part of the company’s vision to offer a full ecosystem of products around its smartphones.

The smart TV was declared in China last year 2019. It comes with a materialize camera to make 1080p 30fps video calls, HarmonyOS, 4K, and HDR support as well as six 10W speakers for stereo sound.
The honor company is going to have exciting news on May 18. Possibility, v6 5g tablet to arrive next week.

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