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04 Dec 2020

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Hidden life Secrets of Hina Dilpazeer reveal now
Hina Dilpazeer

Hidden life Secrets of Hina Dilpazeer reveal now 

Famous actress Hina Dilpazeer’s first time on media tells their life hidden secrets. She tells her husband divorce her due to anger. Hina Dilpazeer says her husband divorced her without any reason in a state of anger.

Hina Dilpazeer is one of the most famous actresses in Pakistan drama industry.  She served herself on Showbiz in Pakistan through her live performances. There are multiple dramas of her but bulbulay and qudusi Sahab ki bewah are one of the topmost dramas of Hina.

Hina Dilpazeer reveals their hidden secrets while participating in a show of the Effat Omar program. On the show of Effat, she shared her life experiences. She also shares her personal life, marriage, and divorce.

Firstly, she says she married her own choice which suddenly turns into divorced after a few years of marriage. She says her husband divorced her for no reason in anger.

Secondly, she says I was at the age of 23 when my husband divorces me. Another secret which she reveals is, my son was almost 3 to 4 years when I was divorced. She also says we were living a happy life and there was no dispute among us. She also said that my husband was a good person. She also sends best wishes to her Ex-husband for his remaining life.

Another thing which she reveals about her personal life is, Hina Dilpazeer also criticizes the drama industry of Pakistan. She says our drama industry is not showing something new to our viewers, she says most of the stories are the same. Our film industry is always showing a seventeen and eighteen-year-old girl is seen getting married to her own choice. In these stories sometimes a girl’s family doesn’t agree and sometimes the boy side doesn’t believe it. These types of stories lead both of them to sins.

Lastly, she said the writers of previous stories used to send messages to the viewers of Pakistan through their creativity. But now there is no new creativity among these dramas. Nowadays everyone is making dramas on love and black magic.

Death Ratio in Pakistan

Remember that:  the divorced ratio is increasing day by day in Pakistan. The reason behind this ratio is, Pakistan is following the trends of Europe. According to the report,  every year more than 20,000 girls divorced due to multiple reasons.

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