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24 Oct 2020

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Gul panra shot in Peshawar, people demand justice for transgender
gul parna shot dead

Gul panra shot in Peshawar, people demand justice for transgender 

Peshawar: Gul panra is identified as transgender. Gulpanra found dead in Peshawar. After she discovered dead. Social media started trending hashtag # justiceforGulpanra. After this merciless killing Twitter has a running trend .this crucial incident broke people’s hearts. Twitter running with hashtag #JusticeforGulPanra demanding justice for Gul Panra transgender. In addition, Many transgender killed this way. transgender person killed at the Tehkal area of Peshawar while another person was injured as an anonymous attacker opened fire on both persons.

People misunderstood that singer Gul panra shot dead

However, some people misunderstood that Gul panra the Pashto singer shot dead. Who is alive. The Gulpanra who found dead was a transgender. She was a social activist person. Moreover, One transgender person was killed and another injured when unidentified men opened fire on them. Peshawar police said.

Peshawar police report that The wounded person was immediately shifted to the Khyber Teaching Hospital. While the one who found dead was identified as Gul Panra.
However, the news went viral people demanded strict action be taken against the culprits. and the hashtag #JusticeforGulPanra shot to the top trend in Pakistan.

An investigation into this horrible incident is underway. moreover, As soon as the news blaze, Pakistan’s netizens started lashed out on the mercilessness act. Netizens demanded that the killers should be dealt with strict punishment.

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