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02 Dec 2020

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Google announces big changes and redesign its google photo logo:

Google announces big changes and redesign its google photo logo: 

Google announced big changes and also redesign its google photo logo. It affects millions of users worldwide. Google photo is the best way to manage photos and store tons of collection of photos and videos. However, Google announces big changes and it also gives a new logo to google photos. This new design brings a fresh look to the app . In an announcement today google shares a newly redesigned. Google Photos experience designed to focus on preserving memories and making it easier to find and remember them.

Easy connection:

Google has replaced the four main sections and a partially complex navigation drawer and choose for a easy connection with just three tabs in the bottom bar. The new change allows it to give more prominence to the Search tab which now comes with a new and late closely maps feature, something which has been available in the iOS Photos app for some time.
Moreover, photos tab has also been updated with larger thumbnails, there is less space between the photo and auto-playing video.
There is a new update in photos tab ‘ memories’
Memories are upgraded. They are now more prominent than they contain meaningful photos and also come up with a meaningful description, for example, recent highlight.

However, the feature gains new types of memories, automatically recognize the pictures Google thinks users love it and appreciate it the most.

Search feature:

Google realizes how important the search tab has become over the past year as photo libraries have gotten bigger. Hence, the update brings the search tab to the forefront

Map feature :

below that, you will see new places view which allows you to look at photos and videos you’ve taken on a map. If you Tap view all on places, and you will see the area of locations where you’ve taken a lot of images. On top is the map, which Google provides with hotspots showing where you’ve taken the most photos and images. Therefore It’s a fast, fun way to browse a location and reminisce things you did in the past .

Library feature:

The final tab is called Library and it contains Albums, Favorites, Trash, Archive, and more. Some of the new features grab to the library including a print store for turning your photos into prints and books, a link to utilities like a photo scanner, and a tool for making animations, and access to your deleted images and also the list of your albums.
Google photo’s new logo is much better than. Previous one .the redesign will soon start to move to all users next week.

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