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24 Oct 2020

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Good news for android users! Android phones will now detect earthquake:
android phones now detect earthquake
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Good news for android users! Android phones will now detect earthquake: 

Android phones will now detect earthquake tremors. Alphabet’s Inc’s Android phones on Tuesday started detecting earthquakes tremors around the globe to provides data that can eventually give billions of users seconds of warning of jolts this is called the earthquake alerting feature. It will be first rolling out in California.

the popular countries where earthquakes usually occurred like, in Mexico, Japan, and California already experience land-based sensors to create warnings, focus to cut injuries, and property damage by giving people further away from the epicenter of an earthquake. And secondly to protect themselves before the earthquake jolts.

World massive detection network:

Google is using the biggest authority Android to create a worldwide earthquake alert system. and also successful in creating the world’s biggest earthquake detection network.

How it will detect earthquakes?

However, when the phone detects an earthquake, it will send location data to Google to point out where the earthquake took place. Google will then use given data from various devices to determine the epicenter of the earthquake. Google makes sure to make its earthquake data more accurate. and will eventually free it for Google Search as well when people look up earthquakes tremors.

people far away from the earthquake get a smaller notification. while nearby people warned will get information about post-quake safety, such as checking gas and other necessary things.
Alerts will trigger earthquakes magnitude 4.5 or greater, it will not require any app download.

Soon Google will turn around earthquake alerts to more states in the US and then to other countries across the world. this is the era of smart technologies. every smartphone has an accelerometer, they are capable to detect signals that can indicate an approaching earthquake.
It will help people when they search moreover they get notifications a few seconds of warning to get themselves and their loved ones to safety.

Android phones will now detect earthquake:

Android phones will now detect earthquake says if you feel the jolts and you wonder whether it’s an earthquake tremor you would be able to look up ‘earthquake’ or ‘earthquake close to me’ in Google’s search bar. you will find applicable results for your region along with resources on what to do afterward.

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