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30 Nov 2020

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Girl gang raped in Samanabad Lahore
Girl ganged raped

Girl gang raped in Samanabad Lahore 

A girl gang-raped in Samanabad Lahore with her ticktock friends. According to the statement of the girl given to police during the report a friend and his friend raped. The girl says she had a boyfriend whose name is shiraz called her to meet where he raped.

Remember that: both of them become friends on ticktock 20 days ago. After 20 days boy called the girl to meet in a car near Samanabad Lahore where two friends were already present in the car.

The girl also stated in FIR that a friend of shiraz got out of the car during Girl gang-raped. than shiraz and his other friend raped me.

Remember that: Police already send the victim to the hospital for medical treatment.

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