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25 Nov 2020

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The race begins: formula 1 season begins to start with eight races
formula 1 season begins
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The race begins: formula 1 season begins to start with eight races 

Formula 1 season begins with eight races. Today formula 1 confirmed the news that the 2020 season will begin in Austria next month ( July).

However, due to unavoidable circumstances racing was put on hold because of the coronavirus outbreak. Formula 1 the teams and the FIA have been working to put together a plan to allow the season to begin sound and safety. On June 3 the chief executive Chase Carey defined the first part of a revised calendar of races.

Formula 1 said the championship will begin across three following weekends . two in Austria on 5 July and 12 July and a third in Hungary.
Formula one is the highest class of a single-seater auto racing authorized by (FIA) federation international automobile. Most events take place in rural locations on purpose-built tracks but numerous events take place on city streets.

Each participant following guidelines to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.
Moreover, Plans for the rest of the season were not confirmed yet because of the uncertainty of the coronavirus situation in the various countries of the globe. But after settlement, a new schedule would come up.
Formula’1 also declares that there would be an expectation of having 15 to 18 races before we complete our season in December.

Formula 1 safety plans:

Because of covid -19 F’1 plans that the team will fly on charters and be isolated from the local population. Precautionary measures would strictly follow each participant.
Chase Carey said that ultra-careful guidelines of some 90 pages detailing processes for traveling, eating, testing, hotels, and track behavior.
Formula 1 season begin and Carey said the rest of the schedule will finalize by the end of June. But 15-18 races are the target. Formula 1 season begins with eight races

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