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19 Oct 2020

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First international boxing show will be held in Pakistan
international boxing show
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First international boxing show will be held in Pakistan 

Pakistan will be the supervisor of the First international boxing show which will hold on 3rd October.  This was Pakistan’s first boxing show which was postponed due to coronavirus. But now this will be held on October 3. The place of this boxing show in Pakistan will be the Islamabad.

Amir Khan announced this news during the Boxing Academy at PSB Sports Complex in Islamabad on Tuesday.  He announced the new date of boxing show through video link from England due to coronavirus.


This international boxing show will be held in Islamabad where Major Pakistani boxer Usman Wazir Malik will participate in his first international match in the country. The famous Pakistani boxer Asif Hazara will also play his first professional match in the international show at the Academy.

Amir Khan also says that international boxing show competitions and such other shows will promote Pakistan’s talents. This will lead to emerging Pakistan’s new talent in a new way.

Remember that: in Pakistan, such international professional competitions should be scheduled for emerging new talent in Pakistan.

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