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25 Nov 2020

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Fear of banning social media? Imran khan declare that no ban will be imposed on social media
fear of banning social media

Fear of banning social media? Imran khan declare that no ban will be imposed on social media 

Fear of banning social media? Pakistan PM Imran khan declares that no ban will be imposed on social media. He said there will be no ban imposed on any social media application. Imran Khan further clear one thing it will not accept any sort of insult or fake information about government organizations or the people working for them. PM Khan took notice of the delay in the preparation of social media management by the ( PTA ) Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and Ministry of Information Technology.

Recently news gushing around Pakistan that youtube will soon banned.
However prime minister directive the departments to present a report regarding it to him this week. Earlier, The PTI government placed a strict ban on online popular game PUBG and issued a warning to Tiktok. Now, the PTI government lifts the ban on PUBG. It was a temporary ban. Therefore, the government has no intention of banning social media platforms.

On Wednesday 22 July 2020. The Supreme Court thread banning YouTube in Pakistan. Justice Amin Ahmed and Justice Mushir Alam were on the bench hearing the case. According to justice Amin, He won’t have any problem regarding the freedom of speech of the people. All he wants to say that several people mocking sharing negative comments and posting videos regarding judiciary, army, and intelligence.they are interfering in the personal lives of the judiciary.

After that, fear of banning social media? Panicking everywhere. This is the 21st century. The era of technology and digital media. Everything is becoming digital. Even neighboring countries progressing well when it comes to technology. YouTube is a platform where we earned income. It is a source of income for many social activists. Many social activists raised their voices on social media and make videos regarding the banning. So they become the voice of the victim. Social Media has the power of freedom. It is now the voice of the person who’s unable to reach to authorities.

People raised their voice against the ban of YouTube:

After The Supreme Court took notice of ‘ ‘objectionable content’ being shared on YouTube and other social media platforms .socail activists raised their voices against it. They demand and appeal to the government for not banning social media. This will impact a lot of people. The country which needs more advancement in every aspect, Needs to update more in technologies.

A few days back Pakistan Government gives ultimate warning to Chinese popular app Tik Tok after banning Bigo live video streaming app Bigo is banned in Pakistan.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) state strict measures against the social media platforms including TikTok and imposed a ban over the live-streaming app Bigo.
Imran Khan declares that no ban will be imposed on social media but any kind of humiliation, fake information regarding government organizations will be not accepted.

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