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24 Oct 2020

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Facebook is trying out a new feature you’ll see Instagram Stories on FB
facebook is trying out a new feature
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Facebook is trying out a new feature you’ll see Instagram Stories on FB 

Facebook is trying out new features. It will give its users a new option where people can witness Instagram stories on Facebook. platform.however, the social media platform Facebook is trying out a new feature that will allow you to watch Instagram stories directly from Facebook.

Moreover, Some users have announced that they are able to see Instagram stories inside their Facebook application. It will be easier users can easily tell whether it’s an Instagram story or a Facebook story. Because it has a different color around the profile picture. Facebook stories will have blue rings while Instagram stories will have orange and pink colors.

In addition, This will make it easier to view moments from the lives of people who you know. However, to see Instagram Stories in the Facebook app, it is necessary to have both accounts linked .the users have to select for the setting.

In addition, this feature respects all the existing privacy of both apps. The users will have a choice whether they want to have their Stories seen on Facebook or not?

Facebook is looking for feedback

However, the new feature is in limited testing now and Facebook is looking forward to the feedback of the users. If users will like it and demand it. Then Facebook will bring changes according to the public’s demand.

After merging chatting functionalities for its social media apps. Cross-platform, messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp messaging would make it easier for millions of users to chat within the company’s ecosystem.
Zuckerberg, the chief executive officer of Facebook said that he wants this system to be end to end encrypted.he wants all social platforms to work together. However, this is just another step towards Facebook’s attempt of bringing all of its social media platforms together. however, this new feature will come out soon.

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