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25 Nov 2020

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Facebook get GiF, the animated picture platform
Facebook buys gif platform, the animated picture platform
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Facebook get GiF, the animated picture platform 

Facebook buys a gif platform. It’s an animated picture Facebook announced on Friday that Friday it is come by animated-picture platform Giphy.

Facebook said its design to further integrate Giphy into the Instagram app so that people can find just the right way to express themselves more visible.

Facebook buys a gif platform. And said that GiF will become part of Instagram. which announced the deal for an unannounced sum in a blog post on Friday. The tech giant said that 50 percent of GiF traffic already comes from Facebook’s apps. This means it also includes its popular social-networking service as well as WhatsApp.

More about GIPHY :

GIHPY is an app in its own special qualities. But most people generally use it in the context of other services. Like an add on to Apple’s iMessage tool for texting or for example, or as a way to send viral images. In acquiring the company, Facebook on Friday said it did not plan to change GIHPY’s core practically.
Facebook buys the Giphy platform. Facebook said in a blog post that, Together they can make it easier for everyone to create and share their work with the whole world.

GIF Platform

Giphy is a massive video library, with thousands of millions of daily users that share billions of GIFs on a daily basis that generates income through branded content.

Vishal shah the Vice President of product in a news release said, People will still be able to upload GIFs, and Application program interface (API) partners and developers will continue to have the same approach to GIPHY’s API ‘s and GifHY creative company will still be able to create amazing content.

Facebook to buy GIPHY for $400 million :
Axios come to know that, The total deal value is around $400 million.

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