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19 Oct 2020

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Esra Bilgic actress responds to haters but why?
Esra Bilgic respond to hater

Esra Bilgic actress responds to haters but why? 

Esra Bilgic actress the rising Turkish actress knows how to answer her haters. Famous Turkish actress Esra Bilgic known as Halime Sultan has finally given a shut-up call to haters and advised them not to follow her.

Turkish actress who portrays the role of Halime Sultan in the drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul or Ertugrul Ghazi depicting Islamic history, has become a household name in Pakistan. She has set immense recognization here in Pakistan. however, some fans have criticized her for wearing western dresses. they thing these are inappropriate outfits.

Esra Biligic once again trolled over her outfit.
Not long ago a fan commenting on Esra’s post and asked her not to wear such dresses. The fan said his name is Ali,’Please don’t wear such dresses Halima Baji, not good’
She is fed up with moral policing. She Responds immediately, Halima sultan advised him not to follow her. In addition, She wrote, ‘Let me give you a little advice, Don’t follow me. Thank you.
This is not the first time she had been trolled recently. Due to which actress switch off her comments section after receiving criticism from Pakistani fans.
Pakistani fans don’t want to see her in such dresses. They admired her in her role character ‘halime’.

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic finally started giving a shut-up call to Pakistani internet users who tried to criticize her for wearing a western dress.

Esra Bilgic also advertises for Pakistani brands:

Halime Sultan aka Esra Bilgic, who has seen in advertisements for Pakistani brands. Now she broke her silence after confronting continuous moral policing from Pakistani fans who indulge in her Instagram account . with rude and harsh comments for wearing western dresses.

Her fans Admired her role as a noble and modest woman in the Turkish serial. However, Some asked the Turkish government to take action against Esra Bilgic for disrespecting the Esra Bilgic.
Esra Bilgic’s lifestyle is modern. She is not living the same traditional life as she played in Dirilis Ertgurul. The unhappy fans went on to say that they have started hating her after watching her pictures.

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