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24 Oct 2020

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Either you have to wear a mask or pay fine Rs 15,000 Pkr
wear a mask

Either you have to wear a mask or pay fine Rs 15,000 Pkr 

In Lahore six (6) citizens were fine 15,000 Rs. The reason behind fined is not wearing a mask during this epidemic situation of Covis-19.

According to DC Lahore Danish Afzal, everyone has to follow the strict Sops against COVID. Otherwise, you have to pay a fine of 15,000 Rs. He further says this all is because of the safety of Peoples of Lahore from Covid-19.

From now every one has to wear a mask in all public places of Lahore.

Only DC Lahore Danish Afzal is not forcing to use a mask and follows SOPs. The wearing of masks in public places is getting compulsory across Pakistan.

Remember that: the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is also included in this. To wear a mask in Islamabad is also mandatory.

If someone does not wear a mask he will face fines and imprisonment. Pakistan government also make sure the social distance between peoples.

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