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25 Nov 2020

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Drama Industry must be hanged for showing baseless stories ???
Drama Industry

Drama Industry must be hanged for showing baseless stories ??? 

Actor Noman Ijaz shows his anger in the drama industry for showing short and baseless stories. He said nowadays this industry should be hanged. He further says for how long we used to make such themes in this industry. Now, this is the time to show some news to the viewers of Pakistan.

Pakistani drama Actor Noman Ijaz says these harsh words to this industry in a live session of Instagram. He says if we look over today’s drama our characters are wondering only within a house. He further says that our stories start in a house and also ends in the same house. Our complete stories lie in the kitchen, Drawing room, TV lounge, and bedroom. Characters even don’t come to the window.

For how long we will continue to make such baseless stories for our viewers, Noman Ijaz.

Pakistani all channels are showing the same stories of love and porn. Pakistani Drama industry is not showing our traditions, cultures, and customs of our provinces. We should make stories about the traditions, cultures, and customs of our provinces. This will reflect a bulk of information by watching such drams to our nation.

Now a day’s drama industry is showing only porn. A woman loves someone else but she marries someone else. Her marriage is only for revenge not for the comfort of her life. This industry is only showing the revenge between relations.

This is the time to change this industry by a new revolution. This is not a case of only one channel. This termite of showing baseless stories is common in all the dramas.

Pakistani drama Actor Noman Ijaz further says the peoples of Pakistan are doing the same thing which we are showing them in dramas. We should stop showing negatives things to encourage them towards positive things.

Actor Noman Ijaz also shows his personal opinion against Pakistan dramas. He said our media should be hanged. The reason is that this media is showing no new information to our viewers. He also says that the media thinks that peoples of Pakistan don’t know anything. But now everyone has complete information regarding this.

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