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02 Dec 2020

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Director Wajahat Rauf share his coronavirus 31 day’s experience
director wajahat rauf

Director Wajahat Rauf share his coronavirus 31 day’s experience 

Director Wajahat Rauf shared his coronavirus journey. He tested positive for covid-19 and it lasts for 31 days. However, he had luckily recovered from coronavirus. He revealed that he was suffering from covid-19 for one month. He revealed on his Instagram account how he had a virus and share his experience.

Coronavirus is spreading very fast. It affecting people more and more people every day. Nobody is safe from the virus.
Director Wajahat Rauf posted a note on Instagram he wrote: corona fell in love with me for 31 days and just wouldn’t let go. Director further was probably the longest one-sided affair I have had in my life. After that, he said he didn’t tell anyone and haven’t met anyone in 45 days.
Although he had mild symptoms of coronavirus. Wajaht didn’t want any attention for the wrong reasons. He prays and wish for everyone ‘s health and pray for all those suffering from coronavirus or have lost their loved one from this pandemic virus.

In addition, Director Wajahat Rauf praises his wife Shazia Wajahat for taking good care of him as well as his children and keep him entertained from long distances.
According to Director of Karachi Se Lahore, he wants to give genuine advice is don’t get panic. He added, I know it sounds weird when PM says it.
Now after 31 days Pakistan’s voice-over ‘man tested negative. And he is very grateful.

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