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30 Nov 2020

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Defence day observed today with full enthusiasm
6 september pakistan defence day

Defence day observed today with full enthusiasm 

Defence day observed today in Pakistan with full zeal and enthusiasm. However, 6 September is defence day in Pakistan. However, On the occasion of Defence day, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan share his words with the nation said, Pakistan’s position on peace should not be misunderstood as weakness.

Imran Khan further said that the country’s armed forces are fully prepared to respond to any accidents.

Prime minister Imran khan message is that the world understands that Pakistan’s desire for peace is for the economic health and prosperity of the people of the region.

Pakistan marked 55th defence day

However, People across the country and Pakistanis across the globe on 6 September 2020. Pakistan marked 55th Defence Day with national zeal. It pays tribute to martyrs who gave their precious lives for the defence of the motherland.

6 September always celebrated in a special way. Prayers were offered in mosques across the country for the development and prosperity of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army. In addition, special events are being organised across Pakistan.

Imran khan share a special message on the occasion of defence day

On the occasion of 6 September, prime minister Imran khan shared a good message, He said, ‘We need to work together for peace and securing for a brighter future for our coming generations’. He said strong country and soldiers armed forces of Pakistan had the time. And they again proved that they were fully capable of defending the country . And Pakistan is fully prepared to meet any kind of difficulty.

Imran Khan further said the Pakistan nation and the soldiers in the uniform manifest that it was not the size that mattered. But it was the courage and devotion that mattered the most.

In addition, in 1965 it was this day. when the Indian armed forces crossed the border to attack Pakistan. moreover, the nation gave a battling response and fail their evil plans.

However, 6 September celebrated with many ceremonies held in cities across the country. In addition, the day began with a 31-gun salute at the federal capital and 21-gun salutes at provincial capitals.

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