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25 Nov 2020

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Crocodiles come out and entered residential areas in Karachi after rain
crocodile come out in karachi

Crocodiles come out and entered residential areas in Karachi after rain 

KARACHI: crocodiles come out from Mangopir and entered residential areas with the flow of water. However, after massive rainfall in Karachi crocodiles and fishes come with a flood of water. Amir Liaquat recently tweeted that Mangopir, Khuda ki Basti, Surjani town, new Karachi area should be aware of crocodile and be safe.

Moreover, heavy downpours ruined Karachi. Several areas are effective with heavy rainfall. roads are flooded with rainwater. However, (PMD) Meteorological Department has predicted more thunderstorms with gusty winds in all of the four provinces. Including Kashmir for the next 12 hours.
Thunderstorms have been predicted in most districts of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Sindh, Islamabad, and Kashmir.

Continues rains In Karachi, since Monday has brought life to a standstill. According to the meteorological department, Karachi is expected to receive more thunderstorms with gusty winds. Met Officials also predicted a light wind is blowing in the city from the south-west right now.

Karachi heavy rainfall break 90-year record

Since Monday its raining cats and dog in Karachi. the fifth spell of monsoon breaks the previous record. According to reports, Pakistan meteorological department declared that This time Karachi rains break the 90-year record of the monsoon downpour. This record was broken after yesterday’s rainfall in Karachi.
345mm has been recorded in Karachi PAF Faisal Base.

Karachi would receive more thunderstorms till Thursday:

According to officials, more rains are predicted by Thursday. Pakistan weather official had forecast heavy rainfall in the city till the next 24 hours. And PMD also warned that urban flooding could take place in the city.

Power failure in many areas of the city

Crocodiles come out due to heavy rains. Massive rainfall not just bring crocodile to roads but many areas facing power shortage.
The power failure was reported in many areas with almost 90% of the metropolis experiencing power outages as rains lashed the Karachi city.


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