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30 Nov 2020

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Coronavirus: Major health myths debunked
Coronavirus: Major health myths debunkedCoronavirus: Major health myths debunked

Coronavirus: Major health myths debunked 

Here are the latest dodgy claims/myths about coronavirus that are spreading fast online.

1) 5g mobile networks transmit coronavirus

5g was a favorite target of conspiracy theorists long before the new coronavirus appeared. And now the myths have just been tweaked a bit. Some claimed 5g can suppress the immune system others that mobile technology somehow transmits the virus.

 scientists have stated that both claims are absolute rubbish. 5g radio waves are nowhere near strong enough to affect immunity. And the idea that technology can transmit the virus is biologically impossible.

2) Steam inhalation can cure Coronavirus

 A social media post about a doctor who allegedly recovered from covid19 after inhaling steam has been widely shared. Now people do inhale steam to deal with things like a blocked nose. But there’s no evidence that it works as a treatment for coronavirus.

High-temperature steam cleaning of surfaces is used to kill viruses in places like hospitals. But in the attempt to inhale industrial steam that hot would be incredibly dangerous.

2) Skin color can protect you from covid19

 There have been persistent suggestions on social media about skin color. And the resistance it might give you to falling ill with covid19. There have been rumors in Africa that people with black skin can’t catch the coronavirus but it just isn’t true.

Medical professionals are adamant that skin color makes no difference. And black people have been catching the virus and dying from it.

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