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02 Dec 2020

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China Reflects on Coronavirus Pandemic
china reflects on pandemic

China Reflects on Coronavirus Pandemic 

Cars, trains, and ships sounded their horns across china today as part of a three-minute moment of reflection to honor those who have died from Covid19.
The virus was first detected in Wuhan China in December since then more than 3,300 people have died across that country.
Apart from China, covid19 has since spread to nearly every country in the world the U.S is now the worst hit followed closely by several European nations.
Not as much as China but there are some signs of hope now in Spain and Italy where the rate of Covid19 infections and deaths is slowing but places like France and the UK are still bracing for the worst of the pandemic.
The most important thing to fight this pandemic is public health awareness. Let us stand together fight the pandemic together. Wash your hands and stay socially distant.

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