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24 Oct 2020

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China develops the latest fire drone
fire drone

China develops the latest fire drone 

China has developed the world’s most advanced fire-fighting UAVs.  This fire drone consists of multiple features. Some of them are fire extinguishers, laser guidance systems, and rapid water and foam systems.  This drone has the capability to reach buildings in narrow areas and the highest floors easily.

Remember that: Beijing: E-Hang, a Chinese taxi company has made this revolutionary innovation in this century.

Features of fire drone

Chinese taxi company named this E-Hague 216F fire drone.  This has had the capability to and monitors the situation itself. The drone first aircraft to the head to the building where the fire happen. Then it monitors the situation with its camera which has the capability of 10-zoom. Then this drone sets its target with a laser for further procedure.

Another best feature of this drone is, if the window of a burning house is closed, it will remove the fire extinguisher that goes in. this drone will automatically throw a bomb inside which will and reduce the fire by emitting carbon dioxide

Remember that:  there are a total of six (6) fire extinguishers in a single fire drone. All six drones have the power to throw fire and water foam from a distance of ten meters. According to the situation these drones also have a feature of a window breaker system that makes it easy to control the fire.

At the start of May E-Hang, a Chinese taxi company already obtained approval from China Civil Aviation to operate air taxis for security reasons. In the second invention, a firefighter without a crew has the capacity to carry up to 150 liters of foam. This fire drone innovation can also operate up to five kilometers from its position

The main helpful items inside these drones are cameras and sensors. These items help to identify building fires.

Remember that: In China alone, there were more than 2 Lac forest fires in 2019. That’s why this innovation will be very helpful for especially china itself.

The fire drone was able to extinguish the fire at a distance of 600 feet. The main weapon of this innovation is to launch immediate operations.

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