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30 Nov 2020

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Cattle markets new timing has been announced
Cattle markets

Cattle markets new timing has been announced 

According to Federal Minister Asad Umer, the Cattle market will remain open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. This step is taken under the safety of the nation.

This step is taken in the meeting of the National Command and Operations Center. This meeting was held in Lahore under the supervision of the Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umer.  In this meeting, provincial chief secretaries participated. All the members participate in this meeting through a video link.

This meeting is to measure the basic steps for the management of cattle markets during Covid-19. In this meeting, they check all the measurements and SOPs to open markets.

Remember that: this year Government announced to set more than 700 Cattle markets all over Pakistan. All these sales points will be open under strict SOPs. Everyone has to follow all the rules and regulations against Covid-19 and security.

On this occasion, The Federal Minister Asad Umer also shares Government progress and further steps against Coronavirus. He says 321 places across the country are under smart lockdown. He says due to the smart lockdown we secure more than 300,000 (3 Lac) peoples from coronavirus. Asad Umer says the government prevented the rapid spread of Corona from smart lockdown.

Asad Umer also appreciates NCOC ( National Command and Operations Center ) to point out the rapid spread of COVID in 3 main cities of Pakistan.

In this meeting, they also discuss the movement of villagers and cattle from one place to another. They also make a proper plan regarding this movement of villagers and cattle. They said that this movement will cause a spread in coronavirus. The government makes new Cattle markets near to avoid the movement of one city to another. This will also control the population in a certain place.

The federal meeting also decides to make small cattle markets to avoid population. They also decided not to sell the cattle within the city. They also announced to wear mask necessary in markets.

Every person has to follow the screening process at the entrances of cattle markets.

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