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04 Dec 2020

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Blood pressure medicine doesn’t raise COVID -19

Blood pressure medicine doesn’t raise COVID -19 

According to the new research blood pressure medicine doesn’t raise coronavirus infection. Or increases the seriousness of the COVID -19, the three major studies said on Friday.

Each of the three studies entails the records of many people either on or not on the medicine seeing if they got infected or how this disease work in it.
They used probability methods to control for other factors like fundamental health conditions that might make people, even more, allowing to infection and to serious COVID-19.

They utter that, We saw no distinction in the likelihood of a positive test with ACE inhibitors. And with angiotensin receptor blockers,” Harmony Reynolds of the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, who conducts one of the studies that involved about 12,600 people told AFP.

Reynolds said that the discovery was relieving because she had been getting questions from frightened patients who had read press reports. And were asking if they should stop their medicine. she added, they will continue their blood pressure medication.

She further said that increase blood pressure is due to lockdown life “ maybe because of different eating and from stress .”

When coronavirus pandemic starts, when it became crystalline that people with cardiovascular conditions were more probable to get severe COVID-19, scientists marvel: Was it heart disease? that was the risk factor, or the medication used to power it?

The new research settles, he said.
It tells you unquestionably that COVID-19 somehow interacts with the cardiovascular system in a pretty negative way,” Mehra added.

Author: Abdul Rahman

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