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02 Dec 2020

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Azhar Ali captaincy is in trouble? England vs Pakistan series:
azhar Ali captaincy is in trouble
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Azhar Ali captaincy is in trouble? England vs Pakistan series: 

Pakistani cricketer Azhar Ali is currently the captain of the Pakistan cricket team in test series. Pakistan lost the first test match . after losing the first test match against England. Questions roaming around his captaincy. Azahar Ali captaincy is in trouble?
Captain Azhar Ali said, the team just missed the chance, We were on top, we were satisfied and finished it up if one more wicket fell. But unfortunately, opponents attacked and grabbed the game away from us.
Azhar further said We do regret losing an opportunity to build partnerships in that second innings.

captain Azhar Ali

The game is not over yet:

Pakistan team who have not lost a series against England for 10 years. The team must unite and organize the group quickly before the second Test in a three-match campaign starts at Southampton on Thursday.
Captain Azhar Ali said It’s disappointing but not over yet, there are still two-Test remaining.
After losing a match against England. Captain Azhar Ali just gained 18 runs in the series opener, faced lots of harsh criticism for his recent line of performances.

According to former caption and the great bowler, Wasim Akram felt disappointed with Azhar Ali’s performance and captaincy. Wasim said, Winning and losing is part of cricket, but I think our captain missed a trick quite a few times in its very first match as far as his authority is concerned. Said former captain Wasim Akram.

Azhar Ali captaincy is in trouble? Captain Azhar said that Sometimes you just have to give credit to the opposition. Azhar explains that we had the game in our hands. Its just one hit away from completing the game, but unfortunately, England came and dominated the Pakistan team during that time.

Azhar Ali captaincy is in trouble? moreover, Azhar denied captaincy was affecting his batting. He explains that when he is batting he is not thinking about his captaincy. Similarly when When he is doing captaincy he never thinks about batting.

Azhar Ali’s captaincy is in trouble? Azhar faces criticism:

It’s not always our fault sometimes opponents played greater. We all need to appreciate others also. Not every time the captain n is at fault. Pakistan caption Azhar during a virtual post-match press conference. Pakistan captain appreciates Buttler and Woakes performance he says, They reform the momentum of the game and unfortunately, the Pakistan team couldn’t answer to whatever they threw at us.
Azhar Ali assures that he is confident and the Pakistan team will win the remaining two matches against England. The remaining two matches will be played in Southampton on Thursday.

captain Azhar Ali

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