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24 Oct 2020

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Atiqa Odho respond over a controversial statement by Noman
Atiqa Odho defends Noman Ijaz

Atiqa Odho respond over a controversial statement by Noman 

Atiqa Odho the beautiful Pakistani actress responds over the controversial statement by her friend Noman Ijaz. Who recently in a show gave an incongruous statement. After his words come out it went viral on social media.
Noam Ijaz also talked about the global movement #MeToo movement. He said this is the most dangerous thing. Nowadays it is used as a weapon. It only happens because of straying away from (deen) religion.

Atiqa Odho defends Noman Ijaz

However, the talented actress of Humsafar Atiqa Odho defended her friend. Taking to Instagram. She posted a picture with noman Ijaz and wrote a caption. She mocks viewers’ imaginations for not being able to take a joke. Moreover, according to Atiqa Odho his statement is just a humour joke. Which viewers couldn’t Handel. People take it all seriously. Great way to get their attention. Says, Humsafar actor Atiqa.
How Atiqa Odho defends her friend?. It’s quite strange.In addition, A man openly joking about being interested in other women while having a wife ?. How well he said without any hindrance? How well he openly talked about his like towards girls? Moreover, the host not even surprised at a shameless confession of such unfaithfulness. Despite all of this Iffat Omar along with him said, I should also take some tips from you.

However, Such ill words and humorous confession in front of your wife and in front of everyone is not making you classy or modern. I consider it a pathetic joke. Secondly, jokes about unfaithfulness, cheating partners, flirting with girls and mocking the sanctity of what is supposed to be a relationship of trust are truly disrespectful and demeaning.

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