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19 Oct 2020

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An insight view of trending drama ishqia
ishqia drama

An insight view of trending drama ishqia 

Ishqiya Pakistani television series premiered on ARY Digital will be on 3 February 2020. It is produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi under Big Bang Entertainment. It is a story of love, trust, and betrayal which revolves around two sisters, Roomi and Hamna, played by Hania Amir and Ramsha Khan, respectively. It was a trending drama of the week. The public has given lots of love to it because of its beautiful execution and starring performances.

This beautiful tale is written by Mohsinali shah, and directed by Badar Mehmood. It has a total 26 number of episodes. Where the first episode was on air on 3rd February 2020 and it gets its completion on 11 August 2020. It has a total of 26 episodes. Where FEROZE KHAN, RAMSHA KHAN, HANIA AMIR has worked as leading cast as hamza,hamna, and raise(roomy) respectively.

MirzaRizwan, ShabbierJan, KinzaMalik, KhalidAnum, SemiPasha, MahaHasan, GoahrRasheed, ZahidQureshi, NabilaHaq, Mehr Un Nisa, have worked as supporting cast.

This serial was all about love and regrets. Hamza and hamna are classmates, fall in love with each other.WhereHamza is very possessive while Hamna is a simple and introvert girl. They want to marry each other but Hamna couldn’t tell about her love for her family. Meanwhile, Gohar as Azeem is the son of their family friend enters with his parents for a marriage proposal. Her father has liver cancer, so she couldn’t tell his father and she married Azeem. She even not tell anything to Hamza anything. Whenhamza gets to know about her marriage. He got mad and marry her sister(roomy) to take revenge. Where roomy is shown a sweet and innocent, bubbly girl and Azeem as a very responsible, nice, caring husband.

Even now she can’t tell the reality of hamza to her sister but she wants to tell. Hamza starts threatening her that he will show her messages to her family and husband. She got blackmailed all the time by him. At last, she told her husband about her past. The husband listens to her and stands with her. Then they plan to tell the reality of hamza to her wife and their sister roomy. When rooms get to know about his past and reason to marry her. She leaves him. Hamza loves her wife so she asks her for a chance. But she divorced him.WhereasAzeem forgives hamna and they start a new life happily together.

when was the last episode of ishqia drama

Yesterday was its last episode. The public gets disappointed by the ending. They want to see hamza and roomy together. Because they have loved these two characters and enjoyed their chemistry, love fights, cute love moments. Their onscreen chemistry was awesome and people were sad about their separation. During the drama was going, This couple was the heart of people and it trends every week on social media. This play has earned overwhelmed love and a high rating.

The reaction of the public to ishqia drama

Now, the Public has offended their separation and they are very upset regarding ishqia drama. It was a very pathetic and unexpected ending according to the audience, so they have given a very strong and emotional response to it. They are saying that it all happens due to hamna and lives happily hereafter while roomi has to bear although she is innocent.

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