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19 Oct 2020

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Accused kill the victim who was acquitted of his due to Corona in a rape case
rape case

Accused kill the victim who was acquitted of his due to Corona in a rape case 

In the United States of America, and accused killed the victim. The accused was arrested in the crime of a Rape case of a girl in Virginia. The accused got bail due to the infection with Corona.  But the prisoner who was accused of sexually assaulting killed that woman as soon as he released from the jail of Virginia.

According to the police statement of Virginia police, the accused was named Ibrahim Boishi whose age was 33. He was arrested one year before in Virginia for assaulting a woman. He has multiple legal charges. He was on the trial of rape, the suffocation of a woman, and kidnapping.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, the lawyer of accuses said to the judge to release a bail for him. The lawyer demands a bail for the accused under the Covid-19 precautions.

Remember that:  the lawyer demands a bail of $ 25,000 as a guarantee. The reason behind getting bail was lawyer said that due to the spread of the disease in jails. The lawyer also makes an objection that the trial was still ongoing. he further says the accused guilt was not proven in the court.

The judge acquitted the defendant on bail on some conditions. Firstly, the accused will not leave his house. Secondly, he will meet only with his lawyer.  But the prisoner killed the girl (victim) after rereleasing from the jail.

After getting bail in rape case what he did?

After the victim killed the local police of Virginia start finding the accused. Police launched multiple raids to find the killer.

When the police approach the accused, the accused shot himself and ended his life. Remember that: this is not the first rape case in the United States of America. in America, the ratio of rape cases is increasing rapidly.

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