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02 Dec 2020

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Abdullah Khan’s death and is it related to coronavirus?
abdullah khan

Abdullah Khan’s death and is it related to coronavirus? 

Salman khan nephew Abdullah passed away at the age of 38 at a hospital in Mumbai 29th of March in the evening. His last journey ceremony will be performed in Indore.

Abdullah was Salman’s parental cousin’s son. He was very close to Salman khan. Abdullah Khan was a professional bodybuilder and shared many interests with Salman which made them close to each other.

Late Abdullah was admitted to the hospital because of ‘chest tightness’. certain rumors were spreading on social media in the last couple of days about Abdullah Khan’s death. According to those rumors Abdullah khan’s death was related to the coronavirus.

These rumors are complete falls. Abdullah khan’s family said that his condition had nothing to do with coronavirus. His postmortem also claims the same, so kindly ignore these rumors if you hear or read them anywhere.

let us all remember him in our good memories and offer our dippest condolences to Abdullah khans family, so they can be stay strong.

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