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30 Nov 2020

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A Five-year-old girl raped murdered and burnt #justiceforMarwah
justice for marwa

A Five-year-old girl raped murdered and burnt #justiceforMarwah 

A five-year-old girl raped murdered and burnt. She has thrown in the garbage. However, social media is flooded with hashtags and demanding justice for Marwa.

This incident has happened in Karachi. Marwa was a five-year-old girl whose body was found wrapped in a piece of cloth at garbage in Essa Nagri. The little girl was raped before murdered.

According to officials, her name is Marwah. She was kidnapped on Friday evening. After that little girl had been missing since then. After some time her body was discovered near her house in Essa Nagri.

Her family takes her to the hospital, where the autopsy reports confirmed that Marwa was raped, and received a blunt force trauma to the head. And in last being thrown in the garbage.

Moreover, the heinous culprits of this shocking incident are still not identified. the police are doing their best to identify them and bring them to trial. According to reports a man is already in police custody over suspicion and his DNA has been sent for further inquiry.

justice for little girl trending on social media

in addition to JusticeForMarwah trends on social media. People celebrities demanding immediate justice for the little poor girl. Just a five-year-old girl kidnapped, raped, and murdered in Karachi.

However, this horrible incident shocked everyone. This horrible act angered the people of Karachi especially those belonging to Essa Nagri have come out protesting and demanding immediate justice for the poor girl.

People demand rapist to be hanged publicly

However, this is not the first case of poor Marwa. Several same horrible incidents happened before. Back to back horrific incidents have left the people of Karachi angered and in deep grief. Netizens are demanding the government to take strict action regarding this horrible matter.

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