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19 Oct 2020

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11 September Quaid e zam’s 72 death anniversary observed today in Pakistan

11 September Quaid e zam’s 72 death anniversary observed today in Pakistan 

11 September 1948 Quaid e Azam the founder of Pakistan left this world. His 72 death aniversary observed today in Pakistan. Death Aniversary is observed with due solemnity and reverence across the country.
However, the founder of the Muslim country was born on December 25th, 1876. Quaid e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah become a leader of the All-India Muslim League from 1913 until Pakistan’s creation on August 14, 1947.
After then he becomes as Pakistan’s first Governor-General till his last breath. The greatest man Died on September 11, 1948, .right after one year of independence of Pakistan. He passed away. He achieved a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent.

President Alvi said on the death anniversary of Quaid e Azam

In addition, President Dr. Arif Alvi visited Quaid e Azam tomb on the occasion. He said that following the rules and teachings of Mohammed Ali Jinnah is the only way for Pakistan to achieve the goals that have been set to become a succesful nation.

11 September 1948 the day we lost our great father. Mohammad Ali Jinnah is the father of the nation. He worked day and night for the separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. He shed his blood and sweat for the creation of Pakistan. Moreover, on this occasion, Pakistani people from different parts of the world including the government functionaries‚ political leaders commoners and workers remember him and his immense devotion for the sake of a separate homeland. Many people, political leaders visit the Quaid’s mausoleum to pay huge respect to the great leader.

11 September 1948 biggest loss for Pakistan

On this occasion, many tv programs and radio channel paid tribute and respect to the leader of Pakistan. Some speeches of Quaid e Azam will be broadcast during the special transmissions. He is the one and greatest leader of all time.

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